What is Hourglass Investing?

Hourglass Investing is a company-specific investment newsletter - producing thorough, deep research on quality, growth-oriented investment opportunities. Each article takes approximately 30-40 hours of research and writing and compiles it into a 30-40m read - ensuring readers get value by saving time while still conducting thorough research into companies. Research is compiled from:

  • Quarterly and annual reports

  • 10K filings

  • Investor and analyst opinions

  • News and media

  • Interviews with management and industry professionals

  • Lots and lots of research

Some of the companies covered include:

These articles are released every second Monday (x2 per month), to go along with weekly newsletters and podcast episodes. You can also find the podcast episodes at Hourglass Investing wherever you get your podcasts.

Interested in having a company covered? Feel free to reach out to my email - jaredleary@hourglassnetwork.ca

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About Me

Investment Strategy & Approach

While no Hourglass Investing article will ever provide specific recommendations for or against a company, my general investment approach and strategies are still central to the types of companies that I'll be covering. 

The Hourglass Investing portfolio is centered around 3 foundational pillars:

  • 1) Growth

  • 2) A Very Long Time Horizon (35+ years) 

  • 3) The Desire to Do as Little as Possible

With an investment horizon stretching decades and a stomach for volatility, it would be foolish for me not to invest for growth. This doesn't mean I will never make a move based on value, or that I don't consider value in my approach to buying/selling - it simply means that I'm focused, almost exclusively, on companies that are continuing to grow, ideally for another 5-10 years, either as a new player in an old space, or as a leader in an established space undergoing industry tailwinds.

As for the kinds of companies I cover, I very rarely follow the 'hot' industries unless there is an extremely underappreciated opportunity within that space. I don't do cigar butt plays, short-term turnaround stories, or high-yield companies in decline, as they simply aren't aligned with my core pillars. Typically, I prefer to find the names that are less discussed but are quietly growing revenues in the mid- to high-teens or above, such as a company like dentalcorp, ($DNTL) or industry leaders with significant growth potential in their market, such as WSP Global ($WSP). 

These are the kinds of companies you can expect to find in your inbox if you subscribe to Hourglass Investing, and I will always disclose whether I own shares myself or not. 

Me, Myself, and I - Jared Leary

I was born in rural northern Canada, and found an interest in finance at a young age when my father gifted me the personal finance classic, ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. I was hooked immediately. 

Hourglass Investing is my most recent extension of this passion. 

I started this series to fulfill my own desire while doing investment research; to find a singular source for all the information I need on a company – from the basics of what the company does and how long it’s done it for, to more in-depth and technical analysis of the balance sheet, competition, and industry. 

Since I couldn’t find it, I decided to make it. I started Hourglass Investing to be a painless, free, and single-source series for research into fantastic investment opportunities.

My vision for the series expanded to the Hourglass Investing Podcast for a more brief analysis of companies on the go. Episodes dive into businesses on my watchlist, companies in my portfolio, and opportunities I’ve passed on.

Want to Get in Touch?

Please, feel free to reach out. If you want a specific company covered, have questions, or just want to chat about investing in general, I’d love to hear from you. You can reach me on Twitter/X, Commonstock, or shoot me an email at jaredleary@hourglassnetwork.ca.

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